Installing Neopo

Neopo installs quickly, giving you a local Particle development environment fast.

Universal installer

$ bash <(curl -sL

Install from AUR:

$ yay -S neopo-git


On most Linux distributions the universal installer will correctly install the necessary dependencies with your package manager and install neopo and its dependencies.


On macOS, the universal installer will work, but unlike on Linux, the tab completion script will not be automatically installed. To install tab completion manually, follow these steps.


On Windows, the universal installer will not work, but neopo can be installed manually using Cygwin. Please follow the steps here.

Install from source (pip):

$ git clone
$ cd neopo
$ sudo python3 -m pip install .


Uninstalling neopo takes two steps. First, you must delete the neopo script installed on your system. You can do this with:

$ neopo uninstall

Next, you must delete the ~/.neopo directory which is used for neopo settings, caches, and scripts.

$ rm -rf ~/.neopo

Optionally, you can also delete ~/.particle, but this directory is required for Particle Workbench and Particle CLI to function.

$ rm -rf ~/.particle