Installing Neopo on Windows

For this tutorial basic knowledge of Vim is assumed. You can also use your preferred editor instead.

Install Windows Dependencies

Download and install Python, Cygwin, and Git. When installing Cygwin, please also install Vim.

Download Neopo inside of Cygwin

Clone the neopo repository:

git clone

Open neopo/bin/neopo with Vim or your preferred editor:

vim neopo/bin/neopo

Change the first line (shebang) to:

#!/usr/bin/env python

Save and close the file.

Create a neopo alias

Open ~/.bashrc with Vim or your preferred editor:

vim ~/.bashrc

Add the followng line to the bottom of the file:

alias neopo='python C:\\cygwin64\\home\\'$USER'\\neopo\\bin\\neopo'

Save and close the file.

Reload ~/.bashrc or open a new Cygwin window so that the alias is available:

source ~/.bashrc

Install neopo dependencies

neopo install

Begin using neopo

To get started with neopo, please refer to the Quick Reference.